“I like that you are being pragmatic”, as Tiger (not real name) quoted it to me. “I know you are sad. You are suck at hiding it. I am impressed with the way you look at what had just happened to you and still thinking that this isn’t a dead-end”.

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Four years of hustles, what will happen to those that were built? So many ways to validate the efforts whilst the world can choose not to hear the truth. I sat there quietly, sipping my ice coffee, trying to digest what had just happened. Tiger was there…supporting with all his wisdom through text messages. I just needed to be alone to process everything.

The goal of truth here does not necessarily have to hold on to one person’s principle. At least for my case, I think the principles can only take us so far and new ideas can turn out to be true just as it will lead us closer to our aspirations all at the same time still relevant to our past experiences. What we decide next not will always be so different from how we’d done in the past and it’s all facts that will influence the outcome.

“Ideas (which themselves are parts of our experience) become true just in so far as they help us to get into satisfactory relation with other parts of our experience.”- James William

The world turns and life happens. We need to accept the fact that what we expect may or may not turn out to be as we planned. Principle and ritual is the guide that helps us to keep grounded. One thing for sure, it can only go so far to an extent that new ideas might shackle things up whether we like it or not.

When life happens and it just happens. What’s done can’t be undone. Ritual and principle may not make sense in such a situation and clinging hard to that term will not help us land in the desired place. The world is a complicated place to be in. It’s not always black or white, it can be grey.

The only way to deal with it is to focus on what’s within our control.

Abandoning ritual or principle doesn’t mean we are setting up ourselves for failure. Life is not always hypocritical, it may turn out differently than we thought it is. I learned the lesson and made peace with it. I now know there’s always in contrast to something. The theory versus practical. The mind versus matter.

“What difference would it practically make to any one if this notion rather than that notion were true? If no practical difference whatever can be traced, then the alternatives mean practically the same thing, and all dispute is idle. Whenever a dispute is serious, we ought to be able to show some practical difference that must follow from one side or the other’s being right.” – James William

What helps us to ease the journey is to accept that we don’t have control of and don’t know everything. What we can do is to flex our beliefs, shift our perspective to focus on the present and new ideas. Now the goal of adjusting here isn’t about being a ‘yes’ man and live miserably. The adjustment here is to act practically to get closer to our aspirations without compromising the facts, our backgrounds, our goals, and of course our values.

Having this flexibility in our lives can be one of the ways to get us through this life as quoted, “When life gets tough, we just have to get going”. Perhaps having this can be a coping mechanism and can be an efficient way to face a super manipulative persona. At least this works for me, for now…

Dates to remember : 25 Jan – 29 Jan 2021

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