As I am sitting here staring at the blank page on my Notion, I realized I clenched my teeth watching Noni (my tiny hedgehog) crawling and sniffing his blanket next to me.

I can’t help myself but grab his cute butt and brought him closer to my arm. I wrapped him with his soft blue deer’s pattern baby napkin and put him down slowly on my thigh. I could feel his tiny feet wobbled around adjusting himself which I knew he felt cozier whenever he can feel my body temperature. In just a few minutes, he fell asleep again as though the hours of his day time sleep wasn’t even enough. “Oh, you…” I whispered and tried not to squeeze his cute butt.

I was smiling over and over again as I gazed down through my nose to peek on him whilst try not to make too much movement that may woke him.

It’s such a gift to have those tiny little feet that makes me smile and feeling stronger each day.

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