Mid-week or some of us may have familiar with Hump Day. Wednesday is a day when people will start getting busy (and busiest) chasing over deadlines, back to back meeting to have a grip of the project updates, beeps of slack notification asking over stuff from us and incoming request through the Nintex form etc.

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At this point you may have everything sorted at the beginning of the week by reverse engineering your priority. It seems there is no more empty space in the calendar for you to slot in the new works from the team.

Now what? For many of us, we will get overwhelmed with what’s already in our plate and what’s about to be added on.

This is when exercising mid-week planning come into play.

When you are doing the planning, you will be reviewing the existing to-do list of things that you have planned earlier versus the new to-do list that have been given to you. Re-prioritise the work by its urgency, duration of time to complete them, who can help you to complete them and consider if there’s anything that you have planned can be moved.

“Life happens” – This is what I always tell myself. We can’t control the constant change of request and environment around us but we can always control how we want to deal with it by re-prioritising it even if it’s in the middle of the week.

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