What is the evident of a capable employee?

How much of past contribution is enough to prove employees’ capability?

What are the basis leaders can use to provide statement that involve employees’ capability in their role?

A transition of role to a different department will not be a reason for a lack of access to employees’ past contribution data. There must be a reason of why Human Resource is always the source of truth and fact to influence any decision towards an employee.

We didn’t go through the hours of filling up the document and being rated for what we have contributed each year without able to re-use it as an evident of what we have done through the years of service in an organisation. That’s the powerful evident of why we are invaluable for the employer.

Perhaps if all reviews given by the collaborative team don’t seem to be convincing enough, we could always pull the invaluable data from what was documented in the past to understand the employees’ contribution and aspiration, couldn’t we?

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