“Circle of control”, as I read through Jan 13th page in The Daily Stoic.

“We control our reasoned choice and all acts that depend on that moral will. What’s not under our control are the body and any of its parts, our possessions, parents, siblings, children, or country—anything with which we might associate.”

The Daily Stoic, Jan 13th

Everyday for a year now I would came across news of people affected and died because of Covid-19.

Till today, the fear is still real. I would do anything I could to keep myself safe by doing activities that will keep me from any contact with the virus. We would do anything we could to protect our physical health. It’s important to keep us in control of our lives.

When the pandemic first hit the country last year, I forced myself to do indoor fitness at home without negotiation to consider my other body parts condition. Apart from building a habit, pushing myself to workout and zumba daily somewhat helps to me feel better after I sweat. Through half way, my habit collapse again and I almost felt like zumba may not be for me anymore. I lost interest after a couple of times down with common flus. “You overworked yourself! Learn to listen to your body as much as you listen to your goal”, the doctor advised me during my visit to the clinic.

What’s that even mean? I only came to learn about it when I came across Yoga With Adriene channel on Youtube. Something about her style and voice sooth me into the flow and getting back on daily movements. This time, it doesn’t have to be extreme cardio and squat. As my goal theme this year is “Slow growth” (inspired by Matt D’avella), I am now are part of Breath (it’s day 10 today!), the 30 Yoga Journey at Yoga With Adriene channel.

10 days of learning to eventually slow down and listen to your own breath before you re-connect it to listen for other parts of your body movements.

There are some days in the past week that I felt sick-ish and body sores from the yoga class, I learned to listen and let myself to rest without extreme activities throughout the day.

Guess what? I came back with a better condition, in which my body may felt sore still but my mind was at ease.

Circle Of Control - Micropreneur Life

I could clearly see how I have learned to practice what Epictetus advises today through yoga.

Choices: I was feeling sick, I have two choices to either force myself to work or I could take the time off to rest

Will: I went to sleep excited knowing that I want to be awake and up on the yoga mat again!

Mind: What we tell our mind is essential. Mindset shift and flexing it to adjust to the physical body is key. I learned that this little step within the circle, it changes everything with how I think. Slow growth is still growth!

Hold your energy through the elements in the circle; my choice, my will and my mind.

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