I was on my way back home today that I came across my neighbour who is in his late 40s walking back home using his walking stick sensing his way to entrance.

He stumbled and stopped if his stick hits a car that parked in the street junction, probably because it doesn’t necessarily park there any other night. Just right when he reached a street light, he makes a slight turn to his left to avoid walking into it and quickly cross the street before the next car arrived. Not smooth enough but it is smooth for someone like him, I thought.

For somebody else, if you walked and hit a stationary car like that, it just means you are not paying attention because you were too busy with your phone. This man wasn’t even doing that.

“Hey, hello! Going back home?” I greeted him and held his arm as we walked together to the residence entrance.

“Eh, hello yes good evening. Yes, I am. That’s nice of you. How are you? You live here too?” As friendly as he always has. “Yes, I live here too. Let’s walk together!” He must have forgotten my voice I reckoned. It’s been a year ever since I work in the office. Before the pandemic hits, I would walk the same street back home with him if we happened to bump into each other.

His situation humbled me…while I could have the privilege to work from home and being safe during this period, I wonder how a person like him survive going out to work for his living.

Yes, I wonder … because his situation makes me remember to count my blessing and realize that I am not saying my gratitude often enough these days. Even a blind man wakes up each day and shows up to live his life. God knows the struggle he faced each day, while some of us surely are privileged to have a job and gifted with perfect sights.

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Whenever you feeling not at your best and don’t feel like showing up for the day, what’s your excuse?

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