As the day wasn’t the best Monday I have ever woke up to, I was drained today to even read a single page of anything, write anything or do nothing. Looking at my monstera plant that’s yellowing is sadden me even more, ugh… Now you bitch, why are dying on me? Do you hate me too? Blaming myself for her discoloration…ugh.

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Sipping my chamomile tea, praying in my heart, “Oh god, help me to sleep deeply tonight so tomorrow I’ll be awake before sunrise smile”… a video pop up in my Youtube newsfeed, never seen this channel before but the title speaks right to me. As if he knew what’s making me sad the whole evening and he appears only to rescue my emotion. “Oh shut up! Just shuts that imagination of yours!” I was shouting at myself in my head. I swore at this stage, it probably best to be in bed and not at my writing desk.

I clicked to play the video…

“Just remember, in the world, we are living in there’s freedom in everything and everyone is entitled to have their opinions. It’s beyond our control, we can’t control what others think of us”

Awaken Insight

What do we do when people being mean because they dislike how we look, how we speak, and how we act even?

I came to learn that doing nothing about it is also a right thing to do.

If it’s not constructive feedback and not helping us grow, do nothing about it.

Instead, ask ourselves, “Do I like myself?” “Do I accept myself for who I am?” “Do I appreciate myself”…that’s all matter.

Awaken Insight on Youtube

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