If you are reading, you probably have the same problem as me in finding the right way to care for your underarm for ages.

After years of self-research (since I was 10 I remembered this clearly!), self-test, and self-learn different kinds of products I finally learned that not just the ingredients matter but the underarms skin are to be treated like my face skin too. Yes, you read this right. Your armpits deserve the same treatment as your face and these are the basic steps that I learned to practice as my underarm night and morning routine.

1. Cleanse daily

Cleanse your underarm daily at least twice a day, once in the morning and in the night.

First, I splashed my underarm with water to wake up the skin. I apply natural body soap to cleanse off the dirt and the product that I am using for my underarm earlier. This natural soap has turmeric, wild ginger, cinnamon, and all other good kinds of stuff that can help with skin toning and skin rashes while also keeping it hydrated.

Now you don’t have to go crazy searching for the specific cleansing underarm product in the market. Although you can and I am suggesting you just start simply by using your facial cleanser. Facial cleanser is using ingredients that are gentle to your underarm skin and it is still better compared to using your normal body cleanser. Before I started using natural soap, I used the facial cleansing foam that I wrongly bought online.

If you feel your underarm is extra sticky that day, start by using the pre-cleanser milk. It helps to double clean, remove, and cleanse all the residue from the deodorant you apply earlier.

2. Apply toner

Now that I have a clean underarm, I pat it dry thoroughly and grab my rosewater toner to clean the dirt or residual debris. Rosewater is a gentle option for skin with added hydration.

3. Moisturize every time & apply vitamin drops twice a week

I learned that the best skin moisturizer is aloe vera gel (mine is 100% aloe gel). That is one of the products that I always have in my toiletries stock at home just in case my facial moisturizer and body lotion finished.

Every other day, at least 2 times a week, I apply one or two drops of liquid vitamin to help lighten and repair the underarm skin before I moisturize it.

4. Use glycerin-based deodorant

After the product absorbs and the skin is dry (dry your skin completely first!) I apply my non-bicarbonate and non-paraben deodorant. I learned that I am allergic to even natural product that contains soda bicarbonate and I am best to use a deodorant that’s without it.

5. Exfoliate 2 times a week

I treated my underarm like how I treat my facial skin. Every twice a week, I will make sure that I exfoliate using my homemade coffee scrub and apply bentonite clay to detox my underarm.

Ever since I practice this underarm routine for over a month now, I realized that my skin is lighter, rashes subsided (probably because of the previous deodorant) and it feels healthier too. A little mindfulness and appreciation like other parts of my body go a long way. It doesn’t take long to see the benefits of the routine once I started to give them the attention they deserve. Of course, it takes an endless time to test and learn what product suits me well and that includes a lot of wasted and unfinished products too!

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