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If you know how I just spent from hours to days and months to dive deeply from choosing the right blog title, right categories, right corner of the world just to start putting my head down and start writing, you probably would have grown from a small seed into a huge old oak tree waiting for me to tell you, “Let’s do this! I’m ready to start now”.

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Good friends sent me a reminder, “Can you just start writing already?”.

I watch hundreds of You tubes, listens close to hundred of Podcast, read so so many articles that I could Google from, wrote the long ideas in my journal (it’s almost finish), brainstorming over and over on stacks of post-it-notes on the wall at my home office,saying it out loud to my girlfriend and my boyfriend especially (he has no choice but to listen to me, dare him not to?!) but I will end up keeping my plan and just not start writing, STILL.

If you have a hobby that you thought of starting, or dream life or business you want to build but still biting your fingernails because you are waiting for your plan to be perfect, don’t worry you are not alone, you can sit with me, because we are in the same boat.

What are people like us waiting for, EXACTLY?

Why can’t we just have an immediate action after all of those long period of researching and perfecting our ideas?

I asked myself the same…(I spent the longest time to realise this stage too)

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Here’s the truth… (Oh Allah, finally I am here)

It was the fear to be stinky.

It was the fear to face mistakes.

It was the comfort to plan perfectly.

It was the comfort zone that I am in to make sure everything is perfect before realising it out.

I didn’t just start writing a blog recently…I didn’t just started and wanted to share my writing to the world yesterday.  In fact I have been blogging since 2008 (It was a personal blog that I wrote all about my day, life, family, hair, skin care, Zumba and pretty much of hiking stories too etc..) but then at one point of time I thought my writing sounding more like ranting and felt like my blog has become a “just my two cents” space which no longer sexy to continue anymore (self-defeating alert here!). So, I decided to private my Prettyswan blog and started The Swan Queen in 2016. I wanted it to be more organised, more intentional, professional, chic…(the list continues) which all lead to “perfect”.

I didn’t realise that the so-called planning-in-getting-things-perfect is becoming my excuses and it was totally wasting my time.

How did I get here today and start writing this to you…

It is simply because of my desire and my courage…

I desire the courage to brave myself to just write again.

I desire the courage to just kickstart my blogging again.

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How to courage yourself?

Here’s how…

First, know that if you ever want to start experiencing something different than you are now is to have the courage to feel the discomforts that fear brings. I learnt that to learn is to face the fear once and for all, that is to take action anyway.

Second, know that you deserve to feel free, that you should let go of the weight that has been holding you down from starting whatever you have in the plan much much earlier.

Third, bear in mind, you have done this “courage” thing before…yes! You did! And so do I! What…? Yes, I am telling you right now, yes, “courage” is not a foreign word. If I choose comfort over perfect plan I would never have taken my Zumba license, would never get this fulltime job at where I am working now, would never have start practicing plant-based diet during work days, would never have learnt to master Excel skills at work or maybe would never wake myself up from bed today! All that my friend, is called courage.

I still get nervous when I sense I am inching out of my comfort zone. But I’ve reframed it, I tried to (well, I make myself to reframe it), I will remember my desire to experience new things, so it will make me excited because it means I am about to grow, just a little stretch and converting into a premium version of myself. And because I want to practice what I write to you, I am going to lean into courage right now and take my feet out of the comfort in perfecting plan, and I am just going to get it going anyway…

Here I am writing my blog post (after close to 6 months of choosing the best idea), phew! I did it.

I am beyond grateful today and can’t wait for the next topic that is already written in my Ideas journal (Will pick one, start writing and click the ‘post’ button)!

I hope my note-to-self today can also help you kickstart your dream plan of your own too!

Thanks for paddling over on my page!

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