Hello Podcast!

Thoughts on 3rd January 2018.

I was lying on a couch back in the hotel balcony when I was on a trip to Langkawi island. The wind was so strong and the sun glitters its brightness and sparkling lights on the blue ocean. There I was, feeling so small than His creation, feeling relieved and really putting myself to think how did I manage to get to where I am now (after one whole tragical and tough 2017). Deep down, I have never been someone who thinks that she has got herself anywhere. I was just thriving myself through the day, doing what I love, making time for the people I love, figuring things out as I go, at times I was burnout and didn’t even realise what I really need was just a good sleep.

Today (3rd Jan ’18), I decided to do something more than I could imagine I would do, that is to share my reflections and self-to-work improvements tips via an audio podcast. How can I not be lucky to have a mother you who always tells you “In-Sha-Allah, you will get there, Along”, a boyfriend who came back to your daily life after a year parted from each other and tells you “I know you can, Sayang” and a friend who tells me, “You have something in you that can help people out there, you know? You may not realise that you have help to change peoples’ life with your thoughts and ways of looking at your life”. 

Still figuring out what exactly I could do to make the difference to the world but I do trust in Him, that our existence its own purposes. I am a seeker at heart, and I will continue figuring things out as I go and I will make things happen along the way, In Sha Allah.

Here’s to my very first podcast on my very own channel! Bismillah!

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