the “cancerous stereotypes” towards people with special needs


In past few days, my darling swan was sharing with me, about her frustration with few people from our fellow dance fitness community. From the way she expressed it, that wasn’t a bitch mode, that wasn’t a gossy tone but she looked devastated, helpless, ashamed, pit in her stomach and face of disappointment was clearly shown. I can hear her stressed and deep tone feeling sad all over the incident that happened that day. It sounded like she couldn’t take anymore second to witness how those “normal” people were harassing and took this special persons’ inability to understand sarcasm and his inability to understand a foreign language from his as a way to get him into embarrassment. Worst of all, they’d make him feel like an outsider when more than anything he wanted to fit in. Sadly to witness the autism stereotypes coming from these “fitness stars” who posted hundreds of pictures on Instagram quoting “spreading the love” “spreading positive vibes” “dance is for everyone” etc etc (the list could go on).

This special person in that little corner of this fitness world, not knowing how cruel the world of “normal” people from this side of Asia can be. Yes, I said Asia because it was not just Malaysian in that group chat.

Words can hurt hearts. This is too obvious, these “normal” people have never put themselves in the shoes of the people they harassed. People with autism are all about love and little do these “normal” people know, they too could get hurt with words. Some people can’t stand up for themselves due to their different limitations when a bully attacks them.
It is important for all these “normal” people to learn that if you meet autism individual they shouldn’t also treat autism as a “one size fits all” condition.

Did you (and myself) took a step back at a moment, and rethink of the real purpose of us standing there in front of the people shouting out “one love” “one passion” but in reality, actions shown were all contradicted. I hope you could learn compassion. I hope you will rethink just another second before you spit any more filthy and scums words towards someone who may seem a little bit different than you are. You walk on a street proudly portraying everything about being Asian-Malaysian, telling the world how cool our tradition is, how “humble” our culture is, how passionate you are to “move the world” in bringing a “positivity” together in our community. That’s our Malaysian pride. But you stare at special people arrogantly and whizzing in your reply towards him. Clap clap.

I wanted to share this open letter with you, yes you, you know who you are, the “normal” people who act like you have all the right to bully someone who may seem a little bit different than you are – when you try to pull yourself away from them, little that you know you are the reason of the bullies in future.
Special people who are lesser normal than you are human too, they love to be loved, love to laugh, love to dance, cries when they hurt and wants to be accepted like any of us in the society too. It’s just because they are wired differently, the small things we take for granted every day could be the hardest thing he could cope with every day.

As I am writing this, I am hoping we can break down barriers of hate and intolerance. Then…we can really spread positivity, spread the love that we always shout out to the world. Walk the talk hey “normal” human!

It is finally then we could see this special person, being accepted for exactly who they are. Be the change we want the world to be. What a wonderful world that would be to live in…

Just A Friend,

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