ariel yoga by cat

“You are coming, I don’t care! Tomorrow night! The studio is super nice, you will love it”
“Where is this place? How cute can it be that you been pastoring me to go?”
“It’s nice bbbb!!! Super! And I just need to show ya”

A visit to a studio in Batu Caves town that night gave me a soothing and homie feeling. Little that I knew I could have a #swantalk there that night.

It’s like stepping into a garden to sweat out beautifully.

Well, except I didn’t join Cannys’ Pound fitness class. Rather sitting down enjoying the deco around the studio!

Yoga by Cat is an Aerial yoga studio owned by a beautiful swan for 2 years, named Catherine, who has been practising Aerial Yoga for 5 years. She is also the Aerial Yoga Instructor in her own studio.
I had a chat with Catherine while Canny was sweating out with her Rockstar stick.

She was very nice to bring me around her amazing yoga studio sharing about her Aerial yoga experience.

She shared that she wants the studio to have a homiest and welcomest feeling to her students. It was an idea of another friend who has the biggest heart to help her decorate the studio into a garden like feeling.

When asked why she chooses Aerial yoga, is because it is a combined yoga with aerial arts and students will improve on core strength and balance. The practice will help students to achieve yoga poses.

This type of yoga uses a heavy-duty hammocks, which you will normally see this in circus performances. I figured that it is also a normal yoga but you will sit on a soft, fabric hammock that looks kind of like a long scarf. It’s a high-density nylon material that I believe you-me-we the heavy weight champion *cough* is not going to tear them.

If you like yoga – even if you don’t do it that often – you still should positively consider giving Aerial Yoga a try.
My attempt to describe her beautiful garden theme Aerial Yoga studio may not be accurate, hence you can find out more about this cute meow meow Aerial Yoga instructor and her welcoming studio here  and here.

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