how acrotomy can improve yoga routine?

Ever since I joined the yoga class, thanks to my swan Canny who has always nagged advised me to, I fell in love with the time invested for myself to practice the simple yoga at home.
I figured that progressing in great yoga post isn’t a race but it’s a lifetime progress between yourself and you. Few classes with Michael Ken has helped me understand more on the human body can actually do more than we can ever imagine we could.
A short chat with this founder of this special syllabus has dived me deeper into the world of yoga and human body capability.
Here is some short interview I had with him.

What is Acrotomy? How long have you been practising Acrotomy?

Acrotomy is Acrobatics moves with a mindful observance on human anatomical functions. I have been practising it for about 2 years.

How did you learn Acrotomy? How did you create the Syllabus?

I started my practice when I found Acroyoga. Looking for more, I began to practice anatomical yoga frequently and started to apply my knowledge into acro-yoga.

After some time, I began to feel that the standard poses in acroyoga do not interest me much. I began to look for inspiration by practising with my acro partner who inspired many of my acrotomy syllabus.

What I wanted for my practice is a system that heals the body, keep the body safe from injury, an outlet to release my creativity and fun with free flow moves.

As I notice my style has changed a lot from the mainstream practice, I decided to name it Acrotomy.

I have a passion to share my Acrotomy knowledge with. others because I see people benefiting from the practice. So I began creating exercises to help students prepare their body for acro or yoga poses. 

How can Acrotomy relate to yoga flows?

To make Acrotomy possible when practising without a partner, I have structured my syllabus so that yoga practitioners can use my methods to improve their yoga poses. I categorised yoga poses into a group where specific body parts are involved, for example, downward dog is fingers and hips pose. 

How does Acrotomy improve yoga routine?

The main benefits of incorporating Acrotomy into yoga are :

  • It prepares the body for the pose. Instead of getting into a yoga pose straight away and-and let your body parts struggle to hold the pose, Acrotomy’s method requires you to activate the body parts involved before doing the pose.
  • It deepens stretches. When the right body parts are used, your body parts are not restricting movements, it’s assisting.
  • It protects the body. By preparing the right body parts that will receive the majority of your body weight while performing a pose, you can practice for a long term without injury.
  • Flows become smoother and look better. Acrotomy focuses on what goes on in between when getting from pose 1 to pose 2. This is the step that most people neglect, and it’s actually the most important step in any movement practice.
  • It keeps you Relaxed. Acrotomy focus on relaxation, and taking time to complete a flow. Giving yourself enough time also mean safety.
  • It sparks creativity. When you use correct methods to practise, you begin to relax and enjoy. At this state, you will start to have fun and most likely get creative by inventing flows of your own.

How can people reach out to learn Acrotomy?

You can follow my Acrotomy journey in my Instagram @acroloony. I have a regular announcement on classes and you can pm me to request for classes. 

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