remembering eidul adha

My family and I had never celebrated Raya separately. We always together every year, urm maybe if we weren’t, it is because some of us didn’t get a long holiday break at the university. Else, we will start the morning with Subuh prayers, ate ketupat or just simple sticky rice, rendang, prayers at the mosque, hung out together watching television.

I could not remember which year exactly when was my dad suggested us to watch a movie about Qurban and Eidul Adha. It was many years back, I probably was still in junior high school but I was pretty sure he took out a DVD and told us, let’s watch this movie.
“What movie?”
“Is it nice, abah?”, the young sisters all were jumping excitedly. My sisters were much younger than me, maybe they were below the age of 10 at that time.
“Of course la, it’s about Nabi Ibrahim and Nabi Ismail. About the history of Raya Haji!”

The girls went, “yayyyyyy”, excitedly.

Okay, is not that I don’t like to hear all religious movie but these kids (the young sisters of mine) don’t know how my dad will try to be cool during the movie. My mom would probably rolling her eyes reading this.

So then we watched the movie, he’d went on, “Ha, this story is about qurban. The qurban means it is a symbol of the believer has given up something for the sake of Allah”.

“Ha, here here, see how they have to survive in the desert, no water, no nothing but they pray and obey to Allah SWT”


Okay, Abah. We know, we watch the scene with you like 2 seconds ago. He got so excited to give his speech and narrating the movie. My mom told him, “Abah, keep quiet. Just watch it!”

Oh then, after the movie, he has another BIG speech again about what is Raya Haji, Qurban and the whole story about how Nabi Ibrahim sacrifice his son, and how Allah has changed the son with a ram.

That’s my dad. He will always have a moral story of every movie that we watch together. If he doesn’t wrap it up right after the movie, he would do it later on during having meals together or napping time.

As a symbol of sacrifice, as a means of bringing people closer, the qurban must be slaughtered with great care.  Eid Adha isn’t a day of cruelty or blood thirst. It is one way of sharing, of giving, of caring and perhaps of appreciating. Hence, the direct result of the event, the qurban should bring family members closer together.

Prophet Muhammad said, “He who sleeps on a full stomach while his neighbour is hungry is not one of us”. This is the basic thing in Islam or any religion, which that means to care for those around you, appreciating what others do for you. It doesn’t always have to be how much money you have in your pocket for you to give or appreciating but this day is the way of every Islam believer to care for every member of their family, neighbours and a larger community.
My family has gone through a lot of tough time together. My parents have done a lot of sacrifice for us, children. Therefore, my dearest little sisters, if you have ever read this post, always remember, Eid is always symbol of the togetherness.

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