she, the yoga virgin

In truth, I wasn’t a complete yoga virgin.
I had attended a yoga class once in a while years before but too afraid of committing myself. Yup, that’s right because I have never been flexible in any ways. I can’t even bend to touch my toes and it’s even far away from splitting pose!
If you are one of those who not so yoga virgin or always impressed by harcore workout. Don’t think just because most of the people doing yoga are women or those who don’t lift weights that it’s easy, quite the opposite. It’s hard but it will get you in shape.

Discovering The New Fear
“I’m in my 30s. I won’t be able to strike that yoga pose!”, that was my self-defeating thought on my very first yoga class this year.
“Don’t worry, I’m sure you will enjoy the journey and see yourself make the progress”, my yoga teacher told me.
I have never had any problem with great heights. But little that I knew that my fear is putting my head in up-side down position even without lifting my head at zero inches from the ground. It took me few minutes when I decided to really put my head down. I brought my yoga mat to the nearest wall and folded the yoga mat double. I begin on hands and knees with forearms shoulders width apart.
The idea is to keep elbows down and let the body weight falls on your arms and elbows.
This needs a lot of inner core else you will be using your neck and it will hurt your lower back.
I tucked my toes, lift one knee off the grown (and SL, my yoga teacher helped me to push it up) and the other feet automatically moves up too.
The tips are to keep the crown of the head right on the floor, elbow holds the weight and keeps a long spine. And of course, breathe few breaths for at least 5 deep breaths. Well, I probably had 10 breaths panicking myself for having my head-body-up-side-down.
That wasn’t quite my first headstand because I did my first with another yoga teacher (who happens to be a friend now, Michael). Canny was always there when I practiced with Michael. She was acting like a birth support person. I’m not giving birth you know, was just trying to get my head down and bum bum up! LOL. You can know how kancheong I was, guys!
The first two headstands I did only last me half a minute before I start shouting out to my yoga teacher, “Put me down!” Put me down!”

Discovering The Fun
My loud voice causes the entire class to pause and laughed. I went back home that day feeling proud of myself and still can’t believe I did it! The shouting part I mean the headstand pose. I thought this is cool and began practicing at home. I still can’t push my leg up on my own but I am now able to hold the pose for at least 2 minutes (the longest for me).
“Let’s do yoga pose together, one day!”, Canny was telling me a few weeks ago.
“Err, with me?”
“Yes lah! You can babe, slowly you will”.
Finally, we did our first up-side down pose together at the APW event last Sunday

It was really outside my comfort zone on many levels and resulted in giving a self-satisfaction of my own progress.
She gave me a pat on my shoulder and told me I’ve improved.

Opening A New World
I knew if I was going to do this (without the support of the wall behind) better, I need to prepare myself to practice yoga both attending classes and make time at least for an hour (or 30minutes) daily.
I realised this discipline and practice of yoga which demanded such a great effort but at the same time gave so much back. It was opening a new world to me. I hope to experience many more things. Hence, experience how the inner layer of my muscles gets stronger and more elastic.
Cheers to for more of my yoga journey to come!

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