the togetherness

I hope you had an eidcellent, eidstravigant, eidstra special weekend!

I didn’t really plan to blog about ketupat and rendang this Eid…but had a great second day together with family and that’s a shame if it was all just forgotten.

I sit in my family house living room in a game of Jenga with my sisters. We begin by building a tower of wooden blocks stacked together.

We took a turn and threw the dice to know which colour of the block that we should remove. My turn arrives. I poke the structure here and there, searching for the perfect block to slip out.I pulled it out to remove and place it on top of the tower. I picked a block, slowly, and everyone was also anxious watching the tower as it shook and moves a little. But I release my breath, the tower did not fall. Phewww!

My sisters’ turn, her audacity translates itself into recklessness, accidentally snatch the block too quickly and the block leans and unluckily the tower fell off.

The sound of the tower fell off drew my dads’ attention from his audio talk shifted to us and he watched us play the games for about 3 rounds. “It is not about who can make it alone but it is about working together and support each other to ensure the tower won’t fall even when it is not your turn”

Everyone paused and looked at my dad. I wasn’t sure how my other sisters thought about this, but in my mind, I felt there was a strong message in his words.

“Let’s join us, Abah!”, we shouted joyfully to my dad.

He sat down and joked “It’s kacang! Who cause the tower to collapse is the corrupted mind”

Just because Dad challenged us to hold the block longer than before, 4 of us team up to compete against him. On everyone’s turn, we discussed among each other before moving any blocks. We picked out a block and anxiously watch the tower as it presses down on the remaining ones. Little that we realised the block stays in structure longer before one of us recklessly pull a block and the tower fell off.

“Jangan Kalut!“,my dad said. It literally means “Don’t rush!” 

“Think together on how to keep the block structure stays longer, it doesn’t matter who wins the game”.

Togetherness in making a decision and deciding on well-calculated impacts does give a relevant lesson in our real life.

Togetherness is necessary for strong familial relationships, successful companies, effective governments and even productive societies. Without togetherness, a family will be broken apart, people live under unnecessary burden and loneliness and even weakened the bond.

Like the blocks in a game, togetherness keeps the strength of the structure and it is investing hard effort into good deeds to reap future benefits. Contrarily, separation (opposite of togetherness) weakens and eventually destroy a structure (a family for an example).

My dad is trying to tell us a lesson and I remembered he repetitively tells us that he wants my sisters and me to be inseparable and to always balance out each other weakness. Pheww, there’s so many estrogen hormones in the house, daddy, I don’t know how you managed us these many years. Of course, I would want to keep our family close and together (no matter how much-hidden flaws we have). I would want to remember that Jenga game moment forever and pass this on to everyone out there. Keep your loved ones close and keep the togetherness for a strong foundation.

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