So often we’ve seen people-pleaser in the office, tried hard to get on the good side of every boss they worked for. Tried to be the team favourite, even if that meant chatting the boss up, and get to every colleague’s conversation whenever they could. Is this something that everyone was going for? In reality, does this really helps with their career journey? Otherwise, it will not only annoys the bosses but to the entire team. Basically, the opposite of what I was going for. Instead, after couples of years working, I learned that there are always legit ways to learn respect without being a total brown-noser. Here are few ways to get on the good side of your boss (I am learning and still do):


Bosses are damn busy, they won’t have time to explain everything to you and sometimes they imagine that they have informed you while they actually did not tell you a word about anything. So, make their job easier when you can. Try to get tasks done without them having to spell it out for you. If you know they are certain on being OCD with updates, reports and early plan, get it done before they ask. Do whatever sensible you can to become invaluable to the team.


Every boss made it to where they are now are probably by working hard and killing their career responsibilities. Try to make your main focus is all about your work and try not to gossip and complain everything to your boss, even if they are your age or casual about it (Sometimes your boss tease you about a gossip, well, learn how to handle it). It may differ to everyone, you may have that close relationship with your boss that you both can be casual and laugh about cheesy gossips but just be sure to stay out of office drama! Your reputation is important to be seen as dependable and mature; these are great values in any employee.

Bosses get endless emails every hour and they’re required to make lots of decisions everyday. I had difficulties to get the main point and to ask a specific question. Often I get blurry with instructions and also information that I want to ask my boss. After years of working, I learn that effective communication is short and specific. The effective communication is always kept in an objective format that is easy to respond to. Your boss will appreciate you being mindful of their time. Bare in mind, this is also helpful in your day-to-day communication with everyone around you.

There is never a good format on how to do weekly catch-up. In some companies, this term is called Weekly Updates Meeting. It can happen with you putting up slides and presenting to them on your weekly to-do/in progress tasks. Or it could just happen over coffee and be telling your boss what is happening through the week and what are the things that need more attention/further discussion. Whichever way, it does depends on your bosses’ style and preference. You just need to be sure that your catch-up session is work related and there’s objective to achieve when you both come out from the session.

Small details matter and it is always okay to make sure that you sweat the small stuff, especially with emails and written communications. Always hunt for the right punctuation, spelling and grammar. Always ‘spell checks your spell check‘ and you also can download the applications that could help you with it. I find it useful to have “Grammarly” on my Google chrome (Although sometimes, I write too fast and forgot to doubly doubly sure my writing before hitting the ‘send’ button.

This is unquestionable to ensure that you are always prompt at priority tasks and important event. Being early is always better than being on time and safer than being late. Be genuine, respect office hours at all times and you will be golden.

Have a subtle observation, it will be easier for you to identify their style, habits, their dos’ and don’ts. They are maybe crazy at times, conforming to main things will put you in boss’s good graces. You may find yourself becoming more productive as a result, solving problems you thought you could never handle before.

Every boss’s job is to make sure that all their employees are performing, improve themselves and meeting the goals that are aligned with the team. Their job is to ensure that employees continue to take the opportunity and never settle near enough. And this means that, when they see even the best employees slack off sometimes, they will confront them and give advice to better their performance. As an employee, you need to know how to define a complaint and a constructive feedbacks bosses gave you so that you will not lose the drive and motivation in your work. It is tricky and I admit that it needs lots of judgment before you conclude that it is a personal attack from your boss.

Being effectively work in a team atmosphere is a fantastic and amazing skill to have. It’s whether you’re trying to impress your boss or not, being an affiliate indirectly shows your boss that have the personality and drive to manage people and tasks that are given to you.

Often times, solving small (but meaningful) problems is enough to make a good name for yourself.

Respect is to be earned. Working with and along with your boss is to take credit when it’s necessary and also to give one. If you worked hard on a project, speak up if someone tries to cut your name out and that means you will also need to ensure that teammates get the appreciation that they deserved. Don’t get bullied and don’t bully!

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