I am still collecting my thoughts on how I feel, perhaps I am still processing it all – I swear I feel like it was only yesterday I was in a kinder garden (mom always put a cute dress on me and pulled up a high ponytail) and I left for my Degree for 3 years in an incredible sea view island of Borneo (gets my vitamin-sea literally everyday). Few years after that, gave up my marine life dream job hunting and suit-up in an office wear for a 9 to 5 job (been to few fields before ended up in a Human Resource department), make stupid decisions and hang out partying like nobody business, I swear I was only in my 20s. Having lived for so many years, I felt like I am in a different category now.
As I learned (still learning) to say adios to my twenties and bien venidos to my thirties, there’s no greater feeling than knowing I wake up each day seeing the beautiful sunrise (I love sunny day!), having my loved ones the first in my mind; and with this security and support behind me that I can confidently, and fearlessly embark on the next decade achieving my┬ádreams goals.
This writing passion started since 2012 (my first blog ever), but I have created this new piece is to share a different chapter of my life. The Swan Queen is my little project (my little booster that could) evolved into an amazing experience to keep my life brighter through the storms, inspiring working life, fun travel moments and to keep being “the change that I always wish to see in the world”

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Hola! Bienvenidos cielitos! Looking forward to our next adventure together. Always remember, being you is enough.

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